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Customized Facial

Customized Facial $125 for 60 minutes 

Tailored specifically for your skin's exact needs.


Exfoliation/Peel (options listed below) 

Extractions Facial massage/lymphatic drainage, Collagen and/or Hydrating jelly mask LED red and/or blue light.

Multivitamin Facial:

This unique and gentle lipid-based peel formula contains a combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lactic acid and salicylic acid. Removes dulling skin cells with minimal irritation to reveal a fresher-looking, healthier new layer of skin and improves penetration of subsequent active ingredients.

Vitamin C & Enzyme Peel:

This Aloe Vera base peel contains a combination of Vitamin C, hydroxy acids, and fruit enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. Gently exfoliates while infusing the skin with potent antioxidants, and the hyaluronic acids adds moisture to dry/dehydrated skin

Add ons:

Brow tint $15

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